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One app to rule them all
Create cutting-edge online experiences, elevate brands, maximize ROI, generate conversions with professional websites.
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Easy and worry free
Free website creation, free hostingWhether you are a beginner or a professional, DreamMaster lets you use the power of JS Frameworks like VUE, Vuetifyjs, Quasar and simplify the complexity of modern UI design.
The DreamMaster app is free, full featured, for both personal and commercial use. Its also AD free(no ADs) so that you have a seamless experience.  A free hosting plan without ads, with your own domain is also available.
Why the DreamMaster website builder is the best choice for you
If you use online website builders (Wix, Squarespace, Weebly etc.. ) then your business will become dependent upon those companies and their hosting solutions and price policies. It will be very difficult, if not impossible to move to another provider when your site will grow (you can't download the site code, the website builders are incompatible etc...).

With DreamMaster you will keep your source code and the rights to it so that you can secure your data and business whatever happens to the companies that host your site.
DreamMaster is an easy to use, drag and drop powered WYSIWYG website builder that lets you create your own code repository with objects, components, templates etc... You can share these objects with your friends, use in other projects or publish online to make money.
DreamMaster helps you create from landing pages or simple presentations websites for startups to complex database driven websites. You connect directly with traditional relational databases like MySQL, MariaDB, SQlite, PostgreSQL but you can also use any NoSQL database like Elasticsearch, MongoDB etc...

A place where success stories are born
DreamMaster offers a super easy solution for creating and managing a website for my business. And I can even open an online store.
  Kim, Independent publisher
If you have a vision about how your website should look and you have prepared the necessary content, you can build your website within a day.
  Richard, Entrepreneur
There were many choices out there for site creation software and I consider myself to be very lucky to have chosen you, DreamMaster is a terrific piece of software.
  Rory, Web developer
User interface & experience


Responsive & Adaptive
Simple solutions to complex problems
  1. Build on Material Design Guideline. Material Design is a visual language that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation of technology and science.
  2. Build-in grid system. Grids help designers to build better products by tying different design elements together to achieve effective hierarchy, alignment and consistency, with little effort.
  3. Simple breakpoints. Mobile versions of the grid are already baked in, or you can cook up your own.
  4. Responsive and mobile ready components. The UI Libraries contain hundreds of beautifully handcrafted Material Components. No design skills required everything, you need to create professional websites is at your fingertips.
User experience
"Magical" and "Predictable"
an Indispensable Paradox
With DreamMaster, the goal is to deliver high-quality output consistently across platforms, giving users control over clearly indicated, pleasant-looking components that behave like real-world objects. With DreamMaster designers can apply basic, natural laws from the physical world, principally concerning lighting and motion. The idea is that by mimicking the physical world, we reduce users' cognitive loads through careful attention to layout, visual language and pattern library, maximizing predictability and eliminating ambiguity. The "card" concept serves as a system for layering elements and animations; it also permits a more personalized experience.
Free web hosting, Free website builder
Data-driven and
Dynamic Websites


Build-in database supportIn today's modern world, there isn’t a single business that doesn’t hold or manage a significant portion of data. Databases offer the most reliable and flexible means of storing and handling data. Every website on the internet utilizes a database; from simple blogs to feature-rich websites and everything in between rely on databases. Dynamic database-driven web applications require careful planning to run efficiently and securely. With DreamMaster you build from simple to complex websites and web applications based on Open Source systems.  
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